BlogForge Motorsport Actuators - A Selection Of The Best

Forge Motorsport Actuators - A Selection Of The Best

Forge Motorsport Actuators - A Selection Of The Best

You’d struggle to come up with a single part that better embodies Forge Motorsport than the turbo actuator, a component that the Gloucestershire firm has well and truly mastered, so much so that it’s now an industry recognised specialist! Actuators are of course one of the key parts of any performance forced induction setup, and their importance only becomes more acute when boost pressures are increased in an effort to drive up bhp figures. The relationship between high tensile spring and beautifully engineered valve has been well and truly perfected by Forge over the last few years, and proof of this (if indeed it were required) can be seen in the sheer size of its actuator range.

To underscore just how vast the Forge lineup is, we’ve take the time to throw the spotlight on 5 of the most interesting fitment options, including a number designed for old school icons and performance legends. Scroll down to learn more about the range, as well as Forge’s range of spring tuning kits and piston sealed actuators.

1) Porsche 996 and GT2 Twin Turbo Actuator Kit
Based around an innovative piston design, this twin turbo actuator kit effectively eliminates one of the most frustrating aspects of more traditional actuator design, diaphragm failure. A clean sheet design which benefits from Forge’s decades of experience in the field, the Porsche kit comes complete with custom designed brackets for a simple installation process, plus springs suitable for boost levels slightly above those of standard. This means that both actuators are effectively ‘future proofed,’ perfectly suited for further power tuning at a later date.

Click through for more information or to place an order:—product—59.html

2) Mk3 Focus RS Adjustable Wastegate Actuator Kit 
Gallons of ink have been spent waxing lyrical about the all new Ford Focus RS, and it’s easy to see why! Impressive in standard spec, the Mk3 RS will no doubt follow in the footsteps of its illustrious ancestors by becoming a fixture of the UK’s forward-looking tuning scene, hence why Forge has worked hard to include the model in its range of actuators. A masterclass in CNC machining, the wastegate actuator kit has been designed to fit seamlessly and to be serviced easily, meaning it can function as a base for further tuning as and when component hit the market. It’s assembled with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for slightly above factory boost levels, though it can be assembled with a stronger spring through one of Forge’s spring tuning kits – see below for more info.

Click through for more information or to place an—product—1475.html 

3) Nissan GT-R Twin Diaphragm Actuator Kit
The Japanese have long had a knack for producing supercar-trumping offerings that bristle with clever tech and innovative thinking, and the Nissan GT-R is a great example of this. Still the benchmark real world performance offering a full decade on from its launch, the GT-R can be tuned to produce earth-spinning power figures, all backed up by sure-footed four-wheel drive handling. This twin actuator kit is a direct replacement for the OE-fitted equivalents, and one that’s been a popular addition to the Forge range since its introduction some years ago. As with the vast majority of Forge products, both actuators in the kit can be assembled with stronger, more capable springs suitable for big-boost applications, so get in touch for more info. The kit has been developed to fit UK, Japanese and US GT-Rs.

Click through for more information or to place an—product—81.html

4) Renault 5/21 Turbo Adjustable Actuator Kit
Hot Renaults have been part of the tuning landscape for many years now, though it’s probably fair to say that they reached their peak in the mid to late ‘90s, a period dominated by the Renault 5 GT Turbo! Now a rare car (in part thanks to poor tuning and irresponsible levels of boost at the tail end of the last century), both the 5 and 21 Turbo are nonetheless well catered for by Forge Motorsport thanks to an adjustable actuator kit which enables the safe increase of boost levels over and above that of the standard car. This means an increase in performance, true, but also ensures that it doesn’t come at the expense of reliability. It’s the perfect marriage of modern performance tuning, clever engineering and retro hot hatch royalty!

Click through for more information or to place an—product—86.html

5) VAG 1.9 Diesel Actuator Kit
Diesel might have taken some flack in the mainstream press in recent years but DERV tuning is still hugely popular – and with good reason! Hefty torque figures and impressive bhp numbers are there for the taking, and this rings especially true when discussing VW’s range of diesel offerings, the 1.9 90-150bhp PD engine in particular. Forge Motorsport has long catered for the fettled VAG diesel community and its actuator kit for this engine remains a keystone of the scene.

Compatible with those engines fitted with the Garrett VNT turbo from the factory, the actuator kit makes use of the OE bracket for a swift and simple fitment process, while its piston-actuated design promises a long and trouble free service life, which in turn prevents 1.9 owners having to replace their turbo assembly when the stock actuator throws in the towel.

Click through for more information or to place an order:—product—101.html

Forge Spring Tuning Kits
Forge’s position as one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of tuning hardware means that it’s well placed to tailor its various components to suit the individual needs of its customers, and the firm’s range of actuators is no exception. The ‘default’ spring supplied with all Forge actuators is designed to work at boost levels it would consider marginally above stock pressure, a move designed to promote reliability. Those pushing for more power can order one of Forge’s spring tuning kits, packages which include all 4 springs in the range and which allow the actuator to be tailored to suit increased boost levels and states of tune.

Diaphragm Sealed/Piston Sealed Actuators
Further evidence of Forge’s willingness to re-work its products to better suit the needs of individual cars can be found in the physical design of its actuators, with most fitments giving the option of diaphragm sealed or piston sealed internals. The former is the default design for the majority of Forge’s actuator offerings, as it’s the one that most customers associate with the company and has become something of an icon in the aftermarket tuning world. That said, the overwhelming global success enjoyed by the piston sealed actuator (especially in the USA) has inspired Forge to offer it as a selectable option via its website. Head over to to find out more.

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