BlogThe Top 5 Forge Motorsport Tuning Parts For Your MQB Platform

The Top 5 Forge Motorsport Tuning Parts For Your MQB Platform

The Top 5 Forge Motorsport Tuning Parts For Your MQB Platform

The MQB platform has formed the mainstay of the VAG range for a number of years now, long enough for the various VW sub-brands and offshoots to make full use of it, and there are certainly no shortage of models now based upon the same core architecture. This isn’t merely good news for VW’s accountants and marketing men, it’s fantastic for the global tuning community; the fact that there is so much commonality means that key tuning parts can be fitted to multiple models with little or no modification, so more folk than ever before can experience the benefits of modern tuning.

Forge Motorsport has worked hard to develop a series of uprated tuning components for the likes of the Mk7 Golf, Audi TT and SEAT Leon (and there are many more in works), so with this in mind, here’s our rundown of the top 5 Forge parts for the MQB chassis.

1) Mk7 Golf GTI/R, Audi TT 2.0 TSI and S3 Uprated Intercooler Kit
Forge has gone to great lengths to devise a series of products designed to extract more power from VW’s tractable EA888 engine, and one of the best and safest ways of going about this (and in the process laying the groundwork for future tuning) is via advanced cooling, hence the first of two intercoolers on this list. A clean slate design to take into account the changes VAGroup made when replacing the Mk6 with the Mk7, the new cooler sits in the stock location and requires no modification to the radiator pack assembly.

The intercooler does a superb job of reducing temperatures, prolonged dyno testing having shown a consistent drops of 25-30 degrees C, alongside an impressive 16bhp of extra power. Owners can expect even more with a remap and the usual aftermarket tuning hardware like exhausts and induction kits. Those seeking the last word in aftermarket inlet cooling technology might consider pairing this intercooler with the ‘twintercooler’ mentioned above, as the resulting setup will be supremely capable.

2) Golf Mk7 356mm 6-pot Big Brake Kit
Power, as the old adage goes, is nothing without control, hence why Forge developed this supremely capable 6-pot kit for the MQB chassis. Based around proven hardware and designed to function at the highest level for countless miles, the kit is based around the aforementioned 6-pot calipers, units with carefully spaced pistons intended to promote even pad wear and to exert even braking force. The mammoth 356mm discs boast grooves to remove braking residue and to maintain optimum performance for extended periods of time, while the kit ships with EBC’s much vaunted Yellow Stuff pads, a compound ideal for fast road and track-day use.

Depending on your wheel design, you may need spacers between the hub and the wheel in order to clear the calipers. We have a stencil available for you to place behind your wheels to work out fitment. Please email

3) Golf Mk7 GTI ‘Twintercooler’ Kit
Forge pioneered the idea of the ‘twintercooler’ on the Mk5 and Mk6 Golf GTIs and met with considerable success in the process. Inlet temperatures fell dramatically, while their respective designs allowed for the Forge components to be fitted in series, directly in front of the OEM intercooler/radiator/air condenser pack. As the name suggests, Forge’s latest offering builds on what it’s learned with the previous generation Golfs, while at the same time adding increased thermal efficiency to cope with the extra power (and therefore demands) generated by the Mk7’s extra power. The new cooler sits directly in front of the factory setup, right in the path of the cooling air entering from the grille.

Those of you that like to keep your cars looking as VW intended will no doubt be pleased to learn that installation doesn’t involve chopping the front bumper, something of a Forge Motorsport calling card!

As is the case with all Forge components with aspirations of making power, the twintercooler’s performance credentials have been proven on the dyno, with a massive 20 degree C drop in in intake temperatures having been recorded, with a marginal increase over the stock power figure to boot. The twintercooler is the ideal first upgrade, one that sows the seeds for further power tuning at a later date.

4) EA888 2.0TSI Gen 3 Carbon Fibre Intake Kit
Cooling might be essential to the continued health and wellbeing of any turbocharged engine, but so is induction, hence Forge’s all new carbon fibre intake tract for the EA888 engined cars based upon the MQB range. The result of a full year and a half of research and development, the intake doesn’t merely look amazing thanks to its unlaquered appearance (‘dry’ carbon fibre remains the coolest composite around), it has been proven to provide real world power gains, primarily thanks to its elongated inlet tract; it runs the full width of the slam panel and exploits the cold air ducts that VW/Audi saw fit to install but not utilise.

The kit’s unique design promises improved throttle response and a vastly improved engine noise, a trait rendered all the more apparent when on boost! The Pipercross filter at its heart is servicable and will therefore provide years of life, while the aforementioned test process revealed it to be the only filter type able to offer adequate filtration to the engine, whilst still being capable of flowing enough air to offer an increase in horsepower and torque.

5) EA888 Gen 3 Boost Gauge Fitting Kit
Keeping a keen eye on you engine’s vital statistics is good advice at the best of times, but it becomes crucial when it comes to fettled motors running higher boost levels than VW intended, hence Forge’s wide range of boost gauge fitting kits. This is an example of the latter, a simple to understand and easy to fit kit that will allow the installation of your gauge of choice. The adaptor itself fits between the boost (MAP) sensor and the inlet manifold, a position which means you can have a vacuum/boost connection that’s suitable for installing either a gauge or a dump valve in place within 5 minutes. Forge’s design even allows for the original engine cover to be re-fitted post installation, and it’s totally reversible so can be removed when the time comes to sell the car on.


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