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Hyundai i30N/Veloster N/Kona N Dual Catch Can and Expansion Tank

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More info With Forge leading the way in aftermarket products for the new Hyundai’s we are proud to present our Turbo inlet adaptor for the i30N and Hyundai Veloster N.  Designed and developed by our highly skilled team on the Solidworks CAD system, the all billet turbo adaptor and high flow silicone in - Read More

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Product Description

Here we present FMCT5, a twin catch can and coolant expansion tank system for the Hyundai i30N, Veloster N, and Kona N. This design has been subject to a vast amount of development and is a one of a kind product in the marketplace. This part has been developed in conjunction with our work on the BTCC championship winning Hyundai i30N's - read more here

The FMCT5 is a direct replacement for the OE coolant expansion tank. The CAD laser cut alloy construction is skilfully welded at Forge UK HQ. The expansion tank has a level indicator inside the filler neck, to make topping up easier, we have also machined a cap cover that slots over the top of the OEM cap to add to the premium look.

The twin catch can system is the definitive solution to effectively reduce sludge and carbon build up, in turn allowing the engine to both breathe and perform more efficiently. It can therefore be viewed as a genuine performance enhancing product and one, we recommend, particularly if you are planning more advanced power tuning in the future. 

Our system filters both PCV and intake breather systems to help keep your engine clean from harmful contaminants, including oil deposits, unused fuel vapours and moisture, which would ordinarily make their way back through to the inlet of the engine. All of this is now collected in the catch cans.

There is a dip stick for each tank to measure the amount of deposit caught, this opening can also be used to pump out the captured contaminants or alternately you can use the drain plugs at the bottom of the tanks.

As with all Forge Motorsport products we have used superior braided hoses which are internally constructed from anti-static smooth fuel resistant nitrile rubber. This is combined with an outer cover made from reinforced stainless-steel wire braid (a Forge specialty), specifically a partial inner braid and a full cover outer braid. We developed this complex arrangement in order for the tank to be resistant to both pressure expansion and vacuum collapse, and also to enable the kit to function within a clearly defined temperature range – 54°C to +150°C (-65°F to 300°F).

FMCT5 has now been developed to be compatible with Hyundai Veloster N and Kona N, as well as still fitting the i30N Mk3, and Mk3.5 (facelift). This product is available in raw aluminium finish or our stealthy textured black powder coat finish.


  • A drain plug for ease of emptying
  • Coolant level indicator
  • Integrated dipstick’s for simple level inspection
  • CNC machined anodised coolant cap cover
  • Premium Quality stainless steel reinforced oil resistant hoses with black external braiding
  • Inner tube is constructed from anti-static smooth fuel resistant nitrile rubber
  • Outer cover is constructed from reinforced Stainless-Steel wire braid consisting of partial inner braid & full cover outer braiding which is resistant to pressure expansion and vacuum collapse
  • Temperature Range: -54°C to +150°C (-65°F to 300°F)
  • The engine cover can still be fitted after installation
  • Installation is straight forward with all necessary fittings and Forge detailed instructions included.


Please Note: In line with our policy to constantly review, revise, and improve our product range, the appearance of the product you receive may differ from the one advertised.

Product Reviews

Product Reviews

from on Jan 29th 2022
I just installed my expansion tank 3days ago. Love the look! Love the high quality hoses! Love the dual catch cans! but... I don't think the catch cans even have a baffle or filter in them...? Forge please correct me if I'm wrong.
The fitment is good but I have one minor complaint and one valid complaint. So the screw that goes into the fender well is to short. It just needs to be a 1/4 or 1/2in longer to make install easier. Very minor but hey take it or leave it.
Second complaint is the fitment is off a bit. It sits so high its leaving a indent on my hood liner... I hope it doesn't break the coolant line!!
So with all that said I love the looks of this tank I just hope it holds up and the catch cans are quality.. from on Jun 27th 2021
Overall this beauty is definitely worth it. It feels and looks really solid/secure and I love the fact that it doesn't take up any extra space in the engine bay like single cans would. I had stage 1 and 2 cans before getting this(another brand), and they definitely did their job, looked great, and were well made and whatnot, but the fact they took up extra space was "meh" to me. The single cans were easier to dump but I'd still choose this due to knowing how reliable Forge products are(been using them for years) and especially how helpful and responsive their customer service is. The ONLY reason I gave 4 and not 5 stars is because you can't just install and that's that. You have to remove the engine hoist point and(this is minor as well) you have to adjust the "nozzle" so it doesn't hit the hood when you close it. Thanks Forge
from on Apr 6th 2021
Great quality product and extremely fast shipping love the way the engine bay looks now that clean look coolant / dual catch can

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Hyundai i30N/Veloster N/Kona N Dual Catch Can and Expansion Tank


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