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High Flow Blow Off Valve and Kit for MK6 VW Golf 2 Litre Turbo

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For the MK6 Golf 2 litre Turbo Petrol, we have developed a high flow vacuum operated valve. This valve is recommended for cars with a minimum Stage 1 ECU remapp. If using on a stock car, a spring tuning kit will be required. Designed primarily to ensure that high volumes are discharged quickly, and improve response.

This Valve is for atmospheric use only.


In The Box:
1 x FMDVHFMK6 Valve
1 x OEM Plastic Pipe (1KO14577OAJ)
1 x Wiring Harness
1 x Solenoid, Bracket, and Screws
1 x FMBPVXA Blanking Plate
1 x 2000mm of 4mm Vacuum Tube
1 x PCV Adaptor Kit
1 x Silicon Hose #1470
1 x 40mm Hose Clamps
1 x 45mm Hose Clamps
1 x Vacuum Tap, Gasket, and Bolts.
5 x Cable Ties
1 x Aluminium Spacer
1 x Instructions
1 x Forge Sticker



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Product Reviews

from on May 27th 2017
I purchased this kit and installed it in about 3 hours. The reason it took that long was due to the fact that I had never installed this kit and was unfamiliar so I was being very cautious. 80% of that install was surprisingly easy, and the difficult part was getting the high flow pipe in place. The brackets on the stock and high flow pipe make it awkward and difficult to remove/install. I found that the easiest and safest was to take the stock pipe out and get the new pipe in is to use an extremely bright flashlight (even in the daytime) so you can see everything and to remove the stock pipe from underneath the car. Pay attention to the rubber hoses surrounding this are as I found that too much pressure on these hoses may make them shift as I had a bit of coolant come out. The good thing was that there was no damage to the hoses or connections due to their design. The pressure just made them....unseat a bit. So I was able to check fitment and have no issues with leaking. Now on to the installation of the high flow pipe. I recommend placing the pipe in its location from the top of the vehicle, and as it becomes difficult to maneuver it into place, at that point, get underneath the vehicle and manipulate the electric fan blades to give you that tiny bit of extra space you'll need to get it into the space. Once you have reached this point, everything is a breeze. Confirm all hose clamps are snug, the MAP sensor is plugged in (oh, and I pre-installed my MAP sensor prior to the pipe installation. I recommend visually installing everything prior to the physical installation as it familiarizes you with as much of the install as possible) and all hosing is properly routed. Take your time, have extreme patience, DON'T RUSH, and this install will be very enjoyable.

Now on to the finished product. Forge has a very impressive product and I was very satisfied with the craftsmanship and design. It looked and felt like a great deal of knowledge, effort and experienc
from on Jul 27th 2016
I have now had this kit on my car for just over 2 months now and I do say that I am very pleased the way it turned out. For anyone looking at this kit there are a few things you should know before purchasing it. first off you will need the valve spring tuning kit if you are running stock boost. the spring that comes with it is too stiff for stock. Second this is a fairly long install. Currently I am going though a mechanic training program for Toyota and it took me about 4 hours to try to install it before I ended up just taking it to a tuning shop due to time constraints. This is not just as simple as swapping out the stock diverter valve so be prepared for that as I had to learn that the hard way.

Now on to the valve its self.

Sound: The sound is what I would describe as a nice "Woosh" sound. There isn't any turbo flutter as i thought there might be. most of the videos that you see online have a small amount of flutter as soon as you let off. However from my experience that isn't there unless you go stage 1 or 2.

Performance: The one downside like there is with converting any car from recirculating to atmospheric and that is there is now a small amount of hesitation when you try to get on the power and a drop in MPG (In my case from about 32 highway to 28 highway). If you are worried about any of those things but still want a stronger valve the 4th gen VW diverter valve might be a better option.

Overall: I'm very happy with this purchase. The valve sounds good and looks clean with the placement of all the parts and lines. While there are some cons, if you are looking for a better sound out of your cars turbo this is a good option.

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