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Forge Motorsport MK7 GTI and Golf R Stage 1 Power Package

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Forge Motorsport - GIAC Flash Loader Mobil Stage 1 Power Package.

This Package pairs the GIAC Stage 1+ Performance Software with complimenting hardware for a Stage +1 Performance File.  Included in the stage is our MK7 Carbon Induciton Airbox.


GIAC Flash Loader Mobile:

The GIAC Flashloader Mobile (FLM) Device is a new tool that allows enthusiasts to load or remove GIAC performance programs on to their vehicle. The FLM is pocket-sized, durable and does not require a laptop or PC during the flash. Files and commands are stored on a USB memory stick, that can be customized by the end user, to convert the device from flashing tool, to logger, to performance mode switcher, to code clearer or to some combination of each.

GIAC Stage 1 Plus adds horsepower, torque and more throttle response throughout the power band.  This calibration is compatible with vehicles that have no other upgrades to basic "bolt-ons".

VW MK7 GTI Power Gains:               VW MK7 Golf R Power gains:

OEM Horsepower                             OEM Horsepower                             
and Torque                                        and Torque

208 HP  258 Ft-Lbs                            296 HP  280 Ft-Lbs        

GIAC Pump Mode*                            GIAC Pump Mode*

260 HP  305 Ft-Lbs                           350 HP  350 Ft-Lbs

GIAC Race Mode**                            GIAC Race Mode**

300 HP  315 Ft-Lbs                            365 HP  365 Ft-Lbs

HP and Torque figures are average engine estimates derived from wheel power and acceleration testing.
* 98 RON equivalent fuel for optimum results.
** 106 RON equivalent fuel for optimum results.


Carbon Fibre Intake Kit VAG 2.0 TSI EA888 GEN 3:

After over a year in our R&D department finalising the design, fit and finish, Forge Motorsport are proud to present a carbon fibre intake for the latest 1.8 and 2.0 TSI EA888 engines. It combines a highly unique, desirable and attractive look with an ability to offer real-world horsepower increases. Although  the VW/Audi group got their intake pretty good, we were able to force feed even more cold air into our intake by running it the full width of the slam panel, and exploiting the cold air ducts that VW/Audi put in from the factory, but don’t use.

The genuine carbon fibre is finished ‘dry’, meaning unlaquered, just like the carbon fibre you see in motorsport applications. This requires a higher quality fibre with no defects, and a higher attention to detail when the intake is manufactured. This results in a true premium product for your car which far exceeds other intakes at the same price point, and embarrasses those priced even higher.

It offers greater sound from the engine, particularly when on boost, and our product testers have reported a more responsive throttle too. The filter element itself is provided by Pipercross, and is fully serviceable or replaceable if necessary. In our testing, it was the only filter type that was able to offer adequate filtration to the engine, whilst still being capable of flowing enough air to offer an increase in horsepower and torque.




Please Note: In line with our policy to constantly review ,revise and improve our product range, the product you receive may differ from the one advertised.

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