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Forge Motorsport Audi B8.5 S4 Stage 2+ Power Package

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Forge Motorsport - GIAC Flash Loader Mobil Stage 2+ Power Package.

This Package pairs the GIAC Stage 2 Performance Software with complimenting hardware for a Stage 2+ Performance File.  Included in the stage is our Supercharger Reduction Pulley and Upgraded Charge Cooler Radiator.


GIAC Flash Loader Mobile:

The GIAC Flashloader Mobile (FLM) Device is a new tool that allows enthusiasts to load or remove GIAC performance programs on to their vehicle. The FLM is pocket-sized, durable and does not require a laptop or PC during the flash. Files and commands are stored on a USB memory stick, that can be customized by the end user, to convert the device from flashing tool, to logger, to performance mode switcher, to code clearer or to some combination of each.

GIAC Stage 2 adds horsepower, torque and more throttle response throughout the power band. 

OEM Horsepower
and Torque

329 HP  325 Ft-Lbs

GIAC Pump Mode*

430 HP  390 Ft-Lbs

GIAC Race Mode**

460 HP  410 Ft-Lbs


Supercharger Reduction Pulley

This kit contains a Supercharger Reduction Pulley for the Audi S5 3.0T and replacement drive belt.


Audi S4 B8 3.0 TFSI Charge Cooler Radiator and Expansion Tank kit

For the Audi S4 B8 and S5 B8 3.0 litre Supercharged, we have developed an uprated Charge Cooler Radiator and Expansion Tank kit as an evolution of our S5 kit.

 There are four variations of chargecooler for the S4 B8 and B8.5 chassis. In order to purchase the correct one for your car, you will need to look at the current setup you have fitted from the factory: if you have one or two chargecooler radiators as standard, and if your car is fitted with ADS (Audi dynamic steering).

- The FMCCRAD1 kit is for the S4 with a single factory chargecooler and no ADS cooler

-The FMCCRAD2 kit is for the S4 and S5 with twin factory chargecoolers and no ADS cooler

-The FMCCRAD3 kit is for the S4 and S5 with a single factory chargecooler and a factory ADS cooler

- The FMCCRAD4 kit is for the S4 and S5 with twin factory chargecoolers and a factory ADS cooler

This kit is highly recommended for either those in warm climates who wish to maintain performance, or specifically for tuned engines where the boost has been increased from standard on the Eaton Supercharger using software re-calibration, a reduction pulley or a combination of both. To maximise the cooling efficiency we use an alloy fast thermal transfer radiator core which is 640 x 440 x 42mm. This has proven very effective in both keeping chargecooler temperatures lower but also reducing the recovery times in "heat soaked" situations.


Please Note: In line with our policy to constantly review ,revise and improve our product range, the product you receive may differ from the one advertised.

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