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GIAC Software Tuning Silicon Hoses


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Customer Comments

'Dear Forge, I installed the Forge Blow Off Valve in my 2008 Mini Cooper S Clubman. This simple to install mod is on point. The sound is just right and the cars reacts smoother on the low RPMs. Thank you for a much need upgrade that is high-end and easy on the wallet. THANK YOU FOR DOING WHAT YOU DO.'

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FMINDCZT - Silicon Intake Hose For The Colt CZT and SMART Brabus ForFour

A silicon intake hose for the Colt CZT, which runs from the airbox to the turbo. Please no...

FMKTCZTA - Silicone Turbo Hoses for Colt CZT and Smart Brabus ForFour

A set of three re-inforced silicon boost hoses for the Colt CZT.  Please note that with mo...

FMKTCZTB - Silicone Turbo Hoses for Colt CZT and SMART Brabus ForFour

A pair if silicon boost hoses for the colt CZT. Please note that with modifications these ...

FMKTSC - Silicone turbo Hoses for the Smart Car For Two and Roadster

Two Silicone turbo hoses. These will fit all 600cc petrol Fortwo's, all 700cc petrol F...

FMKTSC1 - Silicone Boost Hose for Smart car with DV take off

One Silicone replacement boost hose, (Petrol engine only)  that incorporates a 25mm take o...

FMKTSC2 - Slicone Boost Hoses with DV take off for the Smart Car

A pair of Silicone Boost hoses.(Petrol engine only) One of the hoses has a 25mm diameter t...

FMKTSC3 - Silicone hose for Smart

This silicone boost hose forms part of the FMKTSC/FMKTSC2 Kits. It is sold separately for ...

FMKTSC4 - Silicone Hoses for the 451 ForTwo

A set of three silicone hoses (Intake hose and two Boost hoses) for the Smart 451 ForTwo (...

FMSC42 - Silicone Intake Hose for Smart ForTwo 2008 on

This 4 ply silicone air intake pipe has a smooth radial curvature, in comparison to the OE...

FMSCDVK - Smart Car Piston Ram Dump And Fitting Kit

This kit includes everything that you will require to install the atmospheric dump / BOV v...


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