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GIAC Software Tuning Silicon Hoses


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Mitsubishi Evo 10

FMACEV10 - An Alloy Adjustable Diaphragm Actuator for the Evo 10

This product is built with a predetermined actuator spring suitable for at, or slightly ab...

FMBSPLTR - 34mm Split Recirculation and Blow Off valve

The Splitter is a truly remarkable valve that gives a combination of blow off and recircul...

FMCT1EV10 - Oil Catch Tank for EVO 10 Intake manifold system

The Evo X has a traditional style of breather system, that being a pipe joining the airfil...

FMCT2EV10 - Oil Catch Tank for EVO10 Turbo intake system

When the turbo is making boost (anything above atmospheric pressure, so even very small am...

FMDVEVO14 - Mitsubishi Evo and GTO Piston Ram Dump Valve

Alloy Atmospheric Ram Dump ValveFitment GuideEvo 1 Evo 2 Evo 3 Evo 4 Evo 5 Evo 6GTO Made f...

FMDVEVO15 - Mitsubishi Evo Closed Loop Dump Valve

Alloy Recirculating Ram Dump ValveFitment GuideEvo 4 Evo 5 Evo 6 GTOMade from billet alumi...

FMDVRSA - Type RS Valve - Atmospheric

The Forge RS valve has been specifically designed and engineered, to offer extreme flow ...

FMDVRSR - Type RS Valve - Recirculating

The Forge RS valve has been specifically designed and engineered, to offer extreme flow ...

FMHTEV10 - Alloy Header Tank for Mitsubishi EVO 10

A polished alloy header tank for the Mitsubishi EVO 10. This really is function and beauty...

FMINTEV10 - Uprated intercooler For Mitsubishi EVO 10

This intercooler is for the Mitsubishi EVO 10 is larger than the OEM intercooler and uses ...


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